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2023 in Review

February 8, 2023 | 0 Comments

In 2022 Manos Amigas started a return to its regular programs after disruptions due to Covid.

Students returned to school in person and factories returned to full time work. We continued two

programs we started during the pandemic: internet support for families with school students and

Little Feet which provides diaper assistance and early childhood workshops.

The core team in Anapra was able to hold gatherings again so meetings with families, youth

group and weekly sessions for elementary and junior high students resumed. We were able to

hold the annual Mother’s Day celebration for abuelas, Children’s Day celebration at the library and

graduation party for graduating students.

Covid still affects daily life dictating mask wearing and availability of medical care. Inflation does

not allow our dollars to stretch as far as they have in the past. Food prices are much higher so

Christmas food baskets were not as full and celebrations offered smaller portions. Everyone

appreciates the support they received to make these difficult times less stressful.

Mariana and baby Sofia enjoy play time with Brenda in the new baby room at the library in Anapra, Pan de Libros.

Little Feet

Pies Pequeños (Little Feet) provides support to moms of babies and toddlers. Moms meet monthly for a workshop facilitated by two moms in Anapra, Sylvie and Wendy. Workshops include activities for moms to do with babies and information on topic requested. Resources are provided by a core team member in Kansas City, Jess. This little community provides encouragement and positivity for the moms and a jump start for the babies and toddlers.

Student Sponsorship

5 – College sponsored students

11- High school sponsored students

15 – Middle school sponsored students

17 – Elementary sponsored students

Sponsorship covers tuition, school supplies, internet access and for some, transportation. Sponsored families help the community in return – running the library, maintaining the mission house, and meeting monthly for a service project.

Students are inspired and encouraged by letters from their sponsors and people in the US. It shows them people outside of Anapra care and want them to succeed. Anyone can send a letter to Manos Amigas via e-mail or regular mail and we will make sure a student receives your encouragement.

Winter Needs

Christmas dinner baskets were provided to 52 families this holiday season. 25 abuelas were sponsored this year by the Anapra community. Manos Amigas continues to provide firewood and gas during the 4 winter months for all abuelas. They use it to heat their homes and to cook.

In Memoriam

John Gutierrez 1/14/22 – long time sponsor and donor

Jose de la Rosa 1/31/22 – abuelo

Javier Ramirez 8/7/22 – father and grandfather of students

Chuck Dymer 8/20/22 – student sponsor and donor

Petra Santibanez 11/26/22 – abuela