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Preparing for the Coming of Christ Child

December 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

Dear Friends of Anapra/Poleo, 

It is that time of year again when we prepare our homes and hearts for the coming of the Christ Child.  It is also the time when we rely on the generosity of you and others to help our brothers and sisters endure the winter and celebrate Christmas in Anapra/Poleo. 

We ask you to consider a gift to Manos Amigas this Christmas.  2021 has been a very tough year in Anapra/Poleo because of Covid.  Paychecks have been smaller and prices of food, gas and other essentials are higher.   Schools adapted many times to accommodate Covid protocols.  Families infected with Covid lost loved ones and struggled to find resources to fight the virus and pay the medical bills.  Vaccines are still not available for anyone under 18 and hard to find for those over 18.  To add insult to injury, Mother Nature sent more rain to this area that is built for desert conditions causing roof damage. The winter storm in Texas also knocked out power in Mexico causing broken water pipes. 

You know that person that has everything they want or need?  Here is something you can do to give them a little Christmas spirit. 

We support 25 elderly women and men (abuelas) with heat from November through February. Some use firewood and some use propane to keep warm. Night temperatures are in the thirties in a home made of cinderblocks and cement, and no insulation.  $150 will provide heat for one of our abuelas for the winter. 

We support 54 families, throughout the year, with school sponsorships, medical assistance, diapers and heat. We will provide a special food basket for each of these families with the ingredients to make a traditional Christmas meal of tamales.  $75 will provide a Christmas food basket for one of our families. 

We need to raise $8500 to cover these two important gifts to our brothers and sisters in Anapra/Poleo.  Any amount you can give is appreciated.  If you already donated – THANK YOU!    

What a great way to share our gifts and faith as part of our Advent journey!

$75 for Christmas Food Basket for a family in need
$100 for Food Basket and 1 month of Heating
$150 for 4 months of Heating for elderly