Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School was the first request from the core team in Anapra.  During the summer, parents were at work and children were left at home in the 100+ degree heat with nothing to do and sometimes nothing to eat.  VBS would provide an activity and a healthy snack.

We started in 2005 with a four-week VBS, 3 hours per day, 4 days per week.  The first day we prepared and anxiously hoped for 40 children.  Eighty children arrived so we move to a bigger space and quickly found more craft supplies and cut the food portions in half.

VBS evolved through the years.  It is held in a medium sized one-room building with a small kitchen area in one corner.  There are four ceiling fans and four to six oscillating fans placed around the crowded room.  Children sit shoulder to shoulder on benches at various sized tables.  One teacher teaches the 80-200 children aged toddler to 15 years with a microphone and one speaker.  Ten to fifteen youth from the student sponsorship program help children with crafts and activites at the tables.  Three to five moms prepare and clean up a healthy snack.  The children learn prayers, hear a bible reading, sing songs, make crafts and eat a healthy snack.

Kansas City volunteers create the curriculum, plan the crafts and activities, and finance all costs related to VBS.  Some volunteers travel to Anapra to attend VBS and learn about life in Anapra.  If you are interested in helping with VBS please contact us and we will find ways for you to help.