Health and Wellness Program

Access to medical care is limited in Anapra/Poleo. The large metropolis of Ciudad Juarez does not have a cancer hospital. At the request of the Anapra/Poleo community, Manos Amigas provides workshops to promote health screenings and improve health literacy. To date, we have covered topics such as breast cancer prevention, detection, and treatment, diabetes prevention and management, heart healthy diets, and strategies to promote cardiovascular wellness. Volunteers in Anapra monitor their neighbors’ blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and weight. They support each other in getting mammograms and cervical cancer screening tests.  This part of the program was suspended during Covid, however, some of the nursing graduates from our school sponsorship program are ready to resume monthly monitoring.

Some people have on-going medical issues that require prescriptions or medical supplies on a regular basis.  One young man had a brain aneurysm after he graduated from college.  His mother is his caretaker.  We help with eye cream, wipes and latex gloves so she can care for him.  One of the dads is diabetic and had surgery to remove two toes and part of his foot.  We helped with supplies to keep his foot clean and heal.  One of the moms has a chronic liver condition.  We help with prescriptions.

When a diagnosis is made, an accident occurs, or an illness develops, volunteers in Anapra/Poleo are there to support and comfort.  Volunteers in Kansas City and other parts of the US provide money, supplies, prayers, and encouragement to those facing a health crisis.

Joining hands to work on the medical needs of the Anapra/Poleo community enables Manos Amigas to build a better and healthier tomorrow.