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Christmas Basket Distribution 2019

December 22, 2019 | 0 Comments
volunteers packaging baskets

Every Christmas the Anapra Core Team plans, coordinates and distributes food baskets to all the families of the students sponsored in the Manos Amigas program as well as the 20 abuelas (elderly). This year we sponsored 70 baskets. That’s 70 families!

Shopping for these baskets is a large undertaking and takes several days to gather all the items. Sometimes going to multiple locations to collect all the necessary items. This year the group went on a 2 hour trip to gather the meat and milk. Then 2 trips to a different grocery store to buy enough cookies.

This year after the shopping was complete, many high school and college sponsored students spent 4 hours packaging up each basket at the library. Then the group transported all the baskets to the Manos Amigas mission house for distribution day. Each family comes to the mission house to collect their basket and enjoy the company of each other. Baskets for the elderly are delivered to their homes throughout the week.

Many thanks to the high school and college volunteers that spent several hours on their school break to package all 70 baskets.

Thank you Ashley, Joselyn, Cristina, Evelyn, Juan Antonio, Zaira, Jessica, Perla, Esmeralda, Alma, Estela and Guadalupe for all your hard work!

Each basket provides:

  • Kitchen staples like cook oil and lard, flour, sugar, salt, pasta, mayo, coffee, cereal and salsa.
  • Household items like tissue paper, body soap and laundry soap
  • Ingredients for tamales for the whole family: Meat, cheese, dried chilis, Maseca, jalapenos, and corn.
  • Dessert for the family: milk, hot chocolate mix and cookies.

For the elderly we provide a few different items to better suit their needs, like canned tuna, eggs and instant soup.

NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect that our goal of 70 baskets has been reached and provided to those in need. Thank you for your support.