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2021 Year End Review

February 16, 2022 | 0 Comments

2021 was another challenging year in Anapra due to Covid. Vaccines rolled out slowly in Anapra and are just now available for 15-18 year olds. The factories promoted and provided incentives for workers to get a vaccine in order to re-open factories and get people back to work. Elementary and junior high schools offered in person classes in the fall. Colleges and high schools were still online only. 

As if rearranging life to accommodate Covid wasn’t enough, Mother Nature sent damaging storms to test the resiliency of our friends in Anapra. The need was great and friends of Anapra responded graciously. The people in Anapra send their blessings and gratitude for all the help provided. Here is a review of Manos Amigas activities in 2021. 

Two members of the Kansas City Core Team were able to visit Anapra and celebrate graduates in a Covid friendly way. 

Dave (left) and Ezequiel (right)

Meet Dave and Ezequiel, new members of the core team in Anapra. Dave is a long time friend of Anapra living in Juarez. Ezequiel is architecture student in the school sponsorship program. 

Greetings from the high school and college youth group!! 

The School Sponsorship program was reviewed and changes made to protect the safety of students and sponsors. Sponsorship is now $30 per month per student to make payments more manageable for sponsors. 

Christmas food basket delivery demonstrates the spirit of the Christmas season. 55 families and elderly received this blessing in 2021.

In February, a winter storm affected power across Texas and into Mexico. Anapra was without water, electricity and gasoline. Some people melted snow to put in toilets. Manos Amigas helped 50 families replace water pipes that froze and then broke because of the extreme cold. 

Roof repairs

In August, torrential rains fell in this desert area that is not built to handle rain. Manos Amigas helped 40 families repair damaged roofs to protect their homes and families.

From November thru February, Manos Amigas provides heat assistance for 25 elderly people who have very little to no income in their later years. Some use firewood, others use propane gas. Electricity is too expensive.

Little Feet, Mothers & Newborn Program

Babies born during the pandemic are truly miracle babies. They were born in hospitals full of covid patients in a country with limited resources to combat the virus. Their parents were already managing with limited income because of work reductions and higher prices. Having a baby was a blessing and a lot of extra stress to afford diapers and care. Manos Amigas started a new program, Pies Pequeños (Little Feet) to support babies from birth thru 18 months. Parents receive wipes, help with diapers and attend monthly support meeting facilitated by two of the moms. Ivon is a graduate from nursing school and Wendy is currently studying at the Anapra Engineering College.